Could this be the new trendy way to capture your baby’s first moments?

NEWBORN photographs have become the ideal way for parents to capture the early moments of their baby’s life.

Redhead Photography LLC is popular for its professional newborn photography with over 29,000 likes on Facebook.


These heart-melting portraits take time to set up and face the challenge of positioning the babies in poses which take several minutes.

Newborns have delicate features and need to be handled with care whilst being positioned for their adorable portraits. It seems easy to capture such precious moments with a click of a button but it would not be possible without following a process to make the newborn’s feel at home.

Deborah Israeli, founder of Redhead Photography LLC, says: “The process I use is called the HELPS method which stands for Heat, Eating, Laying, Positioning and Soothing. It’s something I designed that outlines how I go about posing my babies with success.”


To prepare for the shoot, the room temperature is set to 80 degrees to create an environment similar to the womb. The babies are fully fed to make them sleepy before arriving at the studio and are soothed throughout to ensure they are comfortable. Extra milk is also kept nearby whilst the photos are being taken just in case they wake up.

The process is time-consuming but very rewarding for mothers and fathers to be able to treasure these memorable moments for the rest of their lives.

Deborah adds: “It has taken years to learn how to pose and calm babies in the way that I do. It is not easy. Some babies are very tough but I always win because I am extremely experienced and know what I’m doing.”




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