10 things you should do in your 20s – You’ll be glad you did!

Your 20s are your selfish years. This is the chance to make it all happen. Live your life the way you want to. Take the time to invest in yourself and your future. Travel, explore, look after your health and most importantly love those who love you.

      1. Chase your dreams

Believe in yourself and take on challenges. Don’ stop moving, get creative! This is your opportunity to dream big and follow your heart. If you work hard now, you’ll be proud of where you’ll be in your future career. Never give up, persistence is key. No matter where you are today, you can do anything your put you mind to. Be inspired and intrigued with the world around you and find your passion.

      2. Keep in touch with friends

A part of growing up is moving on with your life and this means not keeping in touch with people as much as you would like to. Everyone is following their own path and often it can be difficult to fit everything into a busy schedule. However, it is important to make time for those friends that really matter. The ones who will be there for you no matter what life brings and will share the most important moments of your life – Your wedding day, having children and moving into your new home. These are key moments to think about and a good reason to establish good friendships now.

       3. Look after yourself

Nobody stays forever young physically. It might seem that way now but as life continues many changes will crop up along the way. This is the perfect time to be aware of your body and mind. Exercise to keep in shape and feel as fit as possible and take up healthy eating. Starting now will mean that it will be easier to keep up and you will look the best that you can as you get older.

       4. Travel as much as you can

Have the courage to travel and see the world. Make the effort to see new beautiful places and meet interesting people who could possibly turn into lifetime friends. Take time to reflect on life and find yourself in the process, identify what makes you happy and do more of it. Get excited!

       5. Go on dates

Meet new people. Get to know them. Identify the qualities you like and don’t like. Learn from your relationships, they make you wiser and enable you to identify and have a better understanding  of what you want out of a potential future partner.

       6. Rock your own style

Be brave and outgoing. Wear those glittery trousers. Apply that bright blue eye-shadow. Dye your hair that shade of purple. You’re only young once. Although it is good to look in the direction you are heading, don’t forget to enjoy and live in the moment.

      7. Stay away from negativity people

Drama can be found everywhere, even when you are not looking for it! Try your best to remain positive no matter what is going on around you. Focus on the good things and make a conscious effort to be around positive energies and emit good feelings yourself. Keep negativity and bad attitudes at a distance. Eliminate anything that makes you feel anything less than happy and what no longer serves you.

       8. Go on a road trip

Do something spontaneous that you will never forget with a few of your good friends such as going on a road trip. You’ll have fun whilst heading to your destination, eating snacks and DJing in the car. Keep making fun memories because the little things are usually the big things You’ll remember in future.

     9. Go on a once in a lifetime holiday

Plan a holiday to a place that feels like an adventure, a break from reality such as Las Vegas, Tokyo or Thailand. Choose an amazing destination, pack your bags and go!

    10. Spend time with your family

Appreciate the ones who have supported you all your life and who continue to support you. Don’t fall out over little things, forgive and forget. Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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