How to dress well at any age

As we get older, our fashion sense changes too. It is our lifestyle that determines what trends work for us. We should always take our body shape, age and lifestyle into account.

The common assumption seems to be that when we are young we can pull off pretty much anything and that when we begin to enter our middle ages it is time to wear clothing that is somewhat less revealing. However the truth is everyone looks good in different things and not everything will look good on you regardless of age.

The secret to looking good at any age is to wear clothes that compliment your body shape and personality.

Tips to dressing well and looking good at any age:

1. Focus on your overall look not only the clothes you wear

Keep your hair in good condition by trimming it every 6 to 8 weeks. Your hairstyle is one of the key things to looking good. As you get older, having shoulder length hair tends to look better, in a style that has layering to give lift and movement. If you are going grey, consider having your hair coloured professionally, this is a great way to look younger.

Keep your makeup and skin routine up to date. Beauty products change as much as fashion does. Therefore buying the latest items can help with looking your best.

2. Select clothing that suits you

This not only includes body shape, personality and age but also wearing your best colours. Certain colours look great on individuals and brings out the best in them. Consider wearing the colours that you feel look good on you and compliment your style.

3. Shop frequently

It is important to update your wardrobe often. This means that you can get better value out of your purchases and dress modestly. Avoiding last minute shopping for special occasions will mean fewer mistakes in the clothing choices you make.

Lastly, remember to rock your style in confidence!

What steps help you make better choices when it comes to staying in touch with fashion?

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