The wonders of sun cream 

Did you know that sun cream can be used at times other than when you are exposed to the sun on holiday?

Here is why you should add sun cream to your daily beauty routine: 

1. Treats dry skin conditions such as eczema 

Sun cream factor 50 is a great way to keep your skin moisturised. Applying this daily on areas such as the face keeps your skin looking well and clears away noticeable red and flaky skin. This could be just what you need to bring back your confidence.

2. Reduces wrinkles

According to research that has been conducted, sun cream can reduce wrinkles and keep your skin looking younger for longer. Most products contain a Sun Protection Factor (SPF), therefore using sun cream contributes to anti-ageing benefits.

3. Prevents skin blemishes

Using sun cream as part of your beauty routine can help prevent brown facial spots, fight acne and skin discolouration. 

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