5 ways lemons can improve your look

The use of lemons have several benefits that can help improve your health and appearance. Here are a few to consider adding to your beauty routine:

1. Acne and blackhead treatment

Lemons are an antibacterial and can help to improve the look of your skin. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze the juices on your face. You will notice the difference, your skin will start to clear.

2. Oral health

Lemon juice can stop bleeding gums and reduce toothache. A lemon juice rinse has been used for generations to cure bad breath. The acid prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth.

3. Strengthening your nails

Using a lemon juice and olive oil mix is a good way to strengthen and rebuild weakened nails, particularly if you like to have acrylic and gel manicures often. Soaking your nails in this mixture will provide the repairing treatment you need.

4. Lightening your hair

Apply lemon juice onto your hair and go out into the sun. You can apply it to your whole head or to strands as you would if you were to have highlights done. This process may take some patience however it is a good, natural alternative to having chemicals put on to your hair to reach the same desired look.

5. Caring for your armpits

If you didn’t know, the use of lemons on this area of the body acts like a natural deodorant and can help to clear the dark stains that form. The citric acid helps to eliminate bad odours and freshen your skin.

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