Valentine’s Day – Spread the love!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day should feel good. I have noticed that some people are not as cheerful as they could be. It would all seem so much better, if only you focused on the aspect of giving.

It doesn’t have to cost much to show your appreciation for another. Simply choosing a thoughtful card and a small gift such as a teddy, chocolates or flowers is enough to show you are thinking of the person. It’s the thought that counts.

Going out of your way to make small gestures even if it’s cooking dinner is a great way to put a smile on someone’s face especially if they were not expecting it.

Valentine’s Day can be looked upon by some as overrated and costly, it really does depend on your outlook. Yes I agree that it should not come down to one specific day in order to express your love but from a more positive perspective it can be seen as another dedicated day for celebrating love and appreciation.

We all like to be reminded from time to time just how much we mean to another. It’s an opportunity to show the person you love how much they really are loved and valued. 

Today I received a thoughtful card and a very cute Me to You teddy bear which definitely put a smile on my face. 

If there is anything you should take away from Valentine’s Day is that it is a perfect opportunity which comes around once a year to celebrate and reflect on your relationship. It is a chance to focus on the things you truly appreciate and find great about each other. 

What are your views on Valentine’s Day?

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – Spread the love!

  1. Valentine’s doesn’t really do it for me; my birthday is on 21st February and our anniversary falls on 27th February so we would much rather celebrate those than Valentine’s. I do, however, think it’s lovely that we have a day to celebrate love because… why not? It is one of the most beautiful things to celebrate! 🙂

    Julia x

    1. Hi Julia, It is understandable why you would celebrate on other dates in the month instead as these are more important to you. It is up to the individual and their preferences nevertheless as you’ve pointed out it’s lovely to have a day to celebrate love and for us all to make the most of it in our own way x

  2. I like Valentine’s Day but recently, I don’t think about it like I used to do when I was a teenager. I think everyday should be treated as Valentine’s day. Love and showing love should be everyday something not a 14 February event.

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