7 things you’ll miss about being a student 

Studying will not last forever. After all the goal is to progress on to a good career. Everything comes to an end and so will being a student. Enjoy the moments whilst you can and make the most of the positive aspects of studying with the aim of bettering and furthering yourself in life.

Here are 7 things you will miss about being a student: 

 1. Attending seminars with your friends and seeing them everyday

No matter how much you would love for things to remain as they are, life changes and you end up having our own responsibilities and making different choices in life. However that doesn’t mean to say that you won’t keep in touch and see them often.

2. Finding out a seminar is cancelled 

You would think that most people would not be so pleased as you are paying for further education. However most of the time it seems like students are happy to hear that the occasional seminar will not be taking place. Maybe they want the extra time to complete assignments or not do anything at all? That’s when the last minute call to action comes into place in order to reach deadlines.

 3. Late night studying 

At the time it might seem like a lot of pressure to revise for exams or to get those 2,500 word essays completed with the help of lots of coffee. On the otherhand, looking back there is something satisfying about those moments. 

4. Receiving your student loan 

It almost feels like you have just received a lump sum of money out of the blue and can’t wait to plan 100 different ways to spend it. Although you know to use it wisely, shopping sprees and holidays never fail to make the top of the list.

5. Partying on a week night

Somehow as a student studying and partying seem to go really well together, it’s part of the fun. You could stay out all night and still drag yourself out of bed to attend your seminars the next day. In full-time work, it just doesn’t seem possible, you would rather stay in, eat chocolate and watch TV.

6. The amount of time you have off

Being a student allows you to take advantage of all the halfterms, summer holidays and personal study time. You don’t realise how much time you have off. In the real world of work you’ll have approximately 25 days off a year which will make you appreciate it more. 

7. Student discount 

Most high street stores have special offers such as 10% off. You can also sign up to a variety of websites including Unidays to apply discounts whilst shopping online. Make the most of these student perks! 

What do you miss most about being a student?  

1 thought on “7 things you’ll miss about being a student 

  1. I actually miss the constant intellectual challenge. Even though I was lucky to have interesting jobs, it’s always focused on a specific area. Being at uni is a much wider area I think.

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