If you like it, wear it!

Fashion is about expressing ourselves and is even believed to be a way of showing our inner feelings. Everyday we find ourselves searching through our wardrobes and wondering what to wear. Every piece of clothing makes a fashion statement. What we choose to wear portrays our view on fashion and how we want others to precieve us.

Fashion can be influenced by the people we associate with, our interests and how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes our attention is drawn to clothing others are wearing which encourages us to ask where it was purchased from.

We dress in certain ways for many different reasons. Everyone has their own dress sense and styles that intrigue them. We are all drawn to different items of clothing which speak out to us personally whether it is through colours, patterns or materials.

We all have days where we feel like dressing up, dressing down, dressing casual, depending on our mood in the moment. The way we choose to dress has its benefits even if we don’t realise it. When we feel as though we are dressed well and look good we automatically feel better too and emit positive energy. We all dress to impress in some way this could be for others or just a way of feeling good about ourselves.

Putting our mark on fashion is about dressing the way we want and the way we feel most comfortable. The way we dress reveals a lot about us as individuals and how we stand out from the crowd.

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