Uses of Vaseline – 10 Surprising Beauty Tips

Pure petroleum jelly can be used in many ways other than keeping your lips shiny and smooth!

The market of beauty products is forever growing. Vaseline is a classic product that has been around for years. You would be surprised to know that there are so many uses for Vaseline as part of your beauty routine.

Here is a list of 10 unexpected uses for Vaseline:

  1. Styling your eyebrows

Using Vaseline is the perfect way to keep your brows in place all day. Smoothing the formula over your arches will tackle any stubborn cowlicks that you’ve been trying to fix.

 2. Remove eye makeup

Instead of using make up wipes, put a coat of Vaseline on your eyelids and gently wipe with tissue. It does the same trick!

3. Get an even tan

Applying tanning lotion on to dry skin tends to leave your skin splotchy as it absorbs more lotion. Smoothing on petroleum jelly before using tanning products helps to keep your skin moisturised and gives you a better looking tan.

4. Remove rings

Is a ring stuck on your finger? Slide it off with ease by applying petroleum jelly.

5. Stop squeaks

Keep doors and cabinets quiet by applying Vaseline on squeaky hinges.

6. Shine shoes

Petroleum jelly can make worn out leather shoes shine like new again.

7. Highlight cheekbones

Blending a tiny amount across cheekbones makes them shine and creates a contoured look.

8. Hide split ends

Coat the ends of your hair to conceal dryness and frizz. Don’t use too much otherwise it’ll make your hair greasy!

9. Soothe cracked heel

If you’re on your feet all day you’re bound to suffer from cracked heels. To improve the appearance of dry flaky skin apply Vaseline on your feet before bed and put on a pair of socks. You’ll wake up to softer and smoother skin.

10. Protect a sore nose

When you have a cold, a runny nose often gets red and chapped. Apply a little bit of Vaseline to your nostrills to help with dryness.


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